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Read what a corper says about liberation in Nigeria


Read what a corper says about liberation in Nigeria

Read What A Corper Says About Liberation In Nigeria

With utmost sense of patriotism, I bring you all a solidarity Greetings from the Patriotic Youth Organisation Of Nigeria, the Leading Host and Pilot of #IntellectualRevolutionProject in Nigeria in alliance with other youth organisations.

Sincerely, I commend your spirit of commitment, dedication and selflessness towards serving our dear father land under the sun and in the rain.

Truly, Nigeria is ours and Nigeria we suppose to serve, but this clause is not complete until we take up the challenges to liberate our generation from The mental slavery our political elites has subjected us to.

This call for action to liberate our selves and generation unborn remain significant and sacrosanct to openly express our readiness to stop the mismanagement and misrule of Nigeria and Nigerians by set of inconsiderate politicians our dear nation has as policy makers.

The following has been confirmed as real market situation and status of things in Nigeria today.

12.5kg of gas – from N2,500 to N5,300

Litre of kerosene – from N100 to N500

Litre of petrol – from N87 to N145

Litre of diesel – from N140 to N270-N300

Tin of peak milk – from N140 to N200

10kg bag of Semovita – from N800 to N1700

Congo of beans – from N200 to N550

75cl bottle of red palm-oil – from N150 to N750

Congo of guinea corn – from N70 to N300

Sachet of indomie noodles – from N35 to N100

Dangote sugar – from N50 to N140
Even Kulikuli – from 10 pieces at N20 to 10pieces at N100

Bundle of aluminium roofing sheet – from N13,000 to N30,000

Bag of rice – from N8,000 to N23,000

Bag of cement – from N1,300 to N2,500

Dunlop slippers – from N70 to N300

Dollar – from N170 to N490

Bag of flour- from N6,000 to N12,000

Congo of garri – from N80 to N250

Tube of motorcycle tyre – from N700 to N1500

Biro – from N20 to N50

A4 paper – from N650/pack to N1500

Sachet water – from 3 for N10 to 1 for N10.

And sincerely the above items has direct impact to the survival of average Corp member, Nigerians youth and Nigerian masses.

Meanwhile, salary remains the same with epileptic and irregular payment pattern, amidst heavy owing and deadlock of arearers for both workers and pensioners at all level of Government.

While your allowance remains 19,800 as corp members.

I and many of us pushing earnestly for this struggle are not currently in the scheme neither we are going to benefit the struggle later after Sucess, but it’s a responsibility of all Nigerian youth to collectively fight injustice and restore moral sense of consideration into Nigeria Government affairs.

Obviously we both serving, ex copper, unemployed and employed Nigerian youth deserve a better treatment as graduate mostly the Serving corp members, we can’t afford to be a beggar as they want to tactically turn us.

It’s therefore become imperative, we use our intellectualism to fight them to stand still.

I am not convince neither do I believe you are convinced that Nigeria is broke as they claimed, simply because, government officials luxury life style continues, security votes still on, foreign trips still intact so I refuse to be cajole in to the falsehood propagation of the government and her agents.

The 2017 budget proposal with no capture of reviewed NYSC allowance and low education allocation below 26% UNESCO recommendation is nothing but an insult on our intelligence.

Enough is Enough, we most rise to show our intellectual worth and openly move to liberate our selves from slavery.

Our action goes thus

All Corp members currently in camp across the 36 state of The Federation including FCT are advice to leave for their respective homes immediately after 3weeks orientation program /camping exercise, no resumption to PPA until our NYSC allowance is review to meet the current economic reality in the country.

Our demand is #96,800/Month.

We are better secured and more comfortable under our dear parents even with economic hardship because we have better understanding of the terrain /environment.

Our parents still works hard to give us food even when we suppose to be supportive as graduates which the country has turn us helpless.

Our survival is highly threatened with #19, 800 in no man’s land at this critical point in time.

God bless you all as you strictly comply to this directive.

Update on progress shall be communicate via appropriate channels as we progress on the struggle.

Dare to struggle
Dare to win.

Patriotic Youth Organisation Of Nigeria and Partner Youth Organisations
#IntellectualRevolutionProject. ©2017

Plz share if you believe the need for this project is sacrosanct to youth liberation in Nigeria.
I Abdulhamid Umar mohd (Oscar)

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